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Most of the information here is still correct, but as we have a new web-site we hope you will visit us there:


Some of our members

Currently we have about thirty members training regularly, and a training session on any one night will usually find between ten and fifteen of us in attendance.

The Chandlers Ford Karate Club is a non-profit making organisation, and was formed in 1987 by Robin Lomax. The club is dedicated to the teaching and practise of Shotokan karate in a safe, friendly environment, and this remains true despite the fact that both students and instructors have come and gone over the years. The club is affiliated to the Japanese Karate Association through the Japan Karate Association England, with Sensei Ohta as Chairman and Chief Instructor. Because of this, our black belts are registered in Japan and hence recognised throughout the world, maintaining a high standard of teaching within the club.

In Action In Action

If you feel like giving it a go, contact either Jill Watts or Steve Perry on the 'Contact Us' page. The costs are minimal - karate training is one of the least expensive of physical exercises. Initially you can train in shorts or tracksuit trousers and a T-shirt, and karate suits start at 8.50 for children and from 18.50 for adults. A training session costs 4 for children and 5 for adults, and an annual licence fee - required for grading and insurance - costs 20 for children and adults. The club is non-profit making - all money made by the club is put back into the club. And new members are always welcome!

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